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HyperNext Studio is an easy to use software creation system that allows hobbyists, students, educators, in fact almost anyone, to quickly start building their own software that works.

The HyperNext interface has just one design window and simple toolbar, plus three modes: Design, Preview and Run. Controls such as buttons can be rapidly placed and their English-like scripts edited with its easy to use Script Editor.

HyperNext Studio is truly cross-platform, building software for both Mac and Windows.

Note, HyperNext Studio is freeware.



If you want to create your own software then try HyperNext:

  • Easy to use and great for beginners.
  • Many working examples to get you started.
  • Simple interface - a Design window and one Toolbar.
  • Interface has three modes - Design, Preview and Run.
  • HyperNext builds applications for both Mac & Windows.
  • HyperNext has versions for both Mac & Windows.
  • Latest version is 4.2 that runs on Windows only.
  • Mac v4 runs on OS X(Intel/PPC) up to Yosemite.
  • Mac v3 runs on OS 9 to OS X Snow Leopard.
  • PC versions runs on Windows XP to 11.
  • PC HyperNext Player runs on Windows 98 and later.
  • Expandable using HyperNext Developer plug-ins.

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HyperNext v4.22

14th March 2024