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About HyperNext Studio

HyperNext Studio is a powerful but easy to use freeware software creation system that allows almost anyone to quickly start building their own software.

The diagram below show how the three HyperNext applications relate to one another.

HyperNext comes with many different examples which are fully working and make it easy for you to start making your own software right away.

Example Projects - download page
Solar System Flash cards
Music MP3 Player
Color Bar Chart
Picture Slide Show
Book Database
User serial numbers
Game of Life
Mandelbrot Graphics
Aquarium Sprites
InterNet Chat
Midi Note Player
Flash Player with Games
Map Viewer
GPS Satellite Reader
Electric Motor Control
Taking Screen Shots
Simple Drawer Program
Mouse Tracker & Speech
Neural Network Analyser
Neural Net DNA Seq
Blowfish Encryption
User-defined menus
Stock Quote Retriever
User Reg Scheme
Simple Neural Nets
USB comms
LightStone biofeedback
Second Life mouse mover
SQLite database

HyperNext Overview

Whether you are a novice or an experienced programmer you will find something in HyperNext to interest you:

  • Novices: The HyperNext Creator has a simple interface and an English-like programming language so that even non-programmers can quickly start creating software that works. The Creator development environment is visually based and allows rapid placement of buttons, fields and other controls, and then fast access to their properties and scripts. Software can be built both as native applications and as stacks which run on the freeware HyperNext Player.

  • Developers: The HyperNext system is both powerful and expandable with over 1000 commands and functions plus access to compiled RBscript when extra speed is needed. When specialized routines are needed they can be built using HyperNext Developer and provided as plugins to Creator projects.



HyperNext Functionality:

  • Visually based software creation system.
  • Builds cross-platform for Macintosh and Windows.
  • HyperNext Studio contains both Macintosh and Windows versions.
  • Creator builds cross-platform software.
  • Developer builds plugins to expand Creator.
  • Player runs Creator stacks.
  • English-like programming language:-
  • - untyped language for faster development.
  • - has over 1000 commands and functions.
  • Graphic canvases support image manipulation.
  • NotePlayer for MIDI music.
  • Play movies, sounds and music.
  • Sprite animation for games programming.
  • Image banks for storing and manipulating images.
  • Large range of commands for text processing and maths.
  • Easy networking for sending/receiving messages/data.
  • Serial Port for comms with GPS, model trains and other hardware.
  • USB comms for interacting with USB devices (Windows only).
  • RBscript for computationally intensive tasks.
  • RBscript is a compiled version of REALbasic by REAL Software Inc.
  • Includes easy to use neural network technology.
  • Can localise stacks/apps for other languages like Japanese.
  • HyperNext Creator is expandable via plugins(modules).
  • Develop plugins(modules) with HyperNext Developer.
  • Distribute your software as stacks, applications or plugins.

Computer Requirements for HyperNext Studio:

  • v4 Macintosh OS X(Mactel or PPC) v10.15 to Yosemite.
  • v3 Macintosh OS 9 to OS X(Mactel or PPC) to Snow Leopard.
  • v4, v3 Windows XP to 11.
  • Free memory 35 MB.
  • Processor speed of 100 MHz or more.
  • Screen size 1000x720 pixels minimum.

Computer Requirements for HyperNext Player:

  • v4 Macintosh OS X(Mactel or PPC) v10.15 to Yosemite.
  • v4 Windows XP to 10.
  • v3 Macintosh OS 9 to OS X(Mactel or PPC) to Snow Leopard.
  • v3 Windows 98 SE, XP to 10.
  • Free memory 35 MB.
  • Processor speed 100 MHz or more.
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